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Liam and you can Celia is the twins of Buffy Summers and you will Angel

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Liam and you can Celia is the twins of Buffy Summers and you will Angel

jeremy is in the auto along with his mothers elena when they crash. the guy really does handle the increased loss of his parents by shedding towards pills alcoholic drinks and you may worthless gender with folks he doesn’t worry about. they are running their sadness when you look at the substandard models.

jeremy is not out of the closet with regards to being bisexual. it does take your a second so you can accept he could be attracted to men and additionally gals. if/whenever he or she is within the a relationship which have a person – particularly while in the twelfth grade – the guy doesn’t want to-be personal about it. just after he could be aside it is a unique story.

Name: Liam Henry Valentine Celia Anne Valenine Nickname(s): none Delivery Go out: June 22, 1999 Intercourse: cismale (he/him) cisfemale (she/her) Orientation: bisexual one another Field: high-school senior, Celia is a great slayer Deal with Allege: Alex Fitzalan Carlson Young

once i would rp jeremy since a seeker person in the newest brotherhood of your own five, i don’t rp him passing away so you’re able to wake up silas (maybe not a hundred%). we rp him having vampire blood within his program whenever katherine feeds him to help you silas so the guy becomes good vampire. i don’t learn but really whoever bloodstream is during their program as he is actually turned.

Liam Celia Valentine

Species: dhampir Feel: Liam provides the very first efficiency out-of a good vampire Celia just like the consolidation performance from good vampire a great slayer as it’s this lady future as a slayer.

Invented towards Buffy’s seventeenth birthday, a similar evening Angel shed his spirit in the one minute out of sheer happiness. Months afterwards, ahead of Buffy had sacrificed Angel to place Acathla back into their sleep state, she revealed she try two and a half months pregnant. Shortly after she slain angel and you can went away to los angeles she would experienced a full name pregnancy which have twins. She’d viewed pieces of Angel in of them when she kept them at healthcare. understanding she wasn’t prepared to end up being a mommy, and you can just starting to learn to manage by herself. the mother and father you to then followed the brand new twins know that supernatural community lived, that they had understood this lady former watcher, merrick, and had been seeking to features infants. the couple were unsuccessful and you will were advised they would not be in a position to own children of their own, so that they followed buffy’s twins. buffy had produced you to definitely demand when they wanted to adopt the twins, buffy surely got to provide them with labels. she would asked why these would-be the girl merely possibility to has actually college students. buffy never ever thought she’d ever before alive for enough time to go to university, aside from ever before have the opportunity to age the youngsters she’d invented together earliest love. She entitled brand new kid Liam, once Angel, and you will she called their Celia, pursuing the cousin she would saw die when she is a child. the fresh valentine’s accessible to brand new women’s demand, permitting the girl name the children. they understood the fresh stories of your slayer, exactly how quick the existence fundamentally is, it desired the girl to have some connection to the youngsters she is letting go of having adoption.

Growing up for the La, Liam and you will Celia were near to the adoptive mothers, not even understanding once they was indeed young that they was indeed used. Brand new Valentine’s day remaining which they observed the twins a secret from them, informing people as much as her or him to not allow the twins discover. You to definitely because of their own coverage they certainly were best off being unsure of that they were accompanied. It understood that in case Liam and you will Celia realized that they was basically adopted, they would go searching because of their physiological parents, which manage put them at risk. New Romantic days celebration together with left a virtually eyes on one another people, as the students off a good vampire, observe just what they would have the capacity to.

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