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Has on high heel shoes a female mating approach? Revisiting the initial investigation having fun with qualitative strategies

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Has on high heel shoes a female mating approach? Revisiting the initial investigation having fun with qualitative strategies

The brand new 2020 study titled ‘Using high heels because the females mating strategy’ by the Pavol Prokop and you can Jana Svancarova claimed when females dreamed a relationship with an enthusiastic glamorous men, the liking to possess high heel shoes steeply increased, compared to a sensed interaction that have an unappealing men. The writers concluded that wear high heel shoes appear to be an excellent version of intimate signaling from the ladies during the intersexual interactions. The present papers revisits this research courtesy a psychological view, in the place of a physiological that. Also proposing hypothetical relationships scenarios, such as the first research, we and additionally expected players precisely how it went on the getting ready to be on a romantic date, the importance of relationships in it, and their considering at the rear of choosing kind of clothing to have a date. I held ten focus communities (N = 50), hiring regarding an identical decide to try off members to those throughout the brand-new study. For our data we then followed principles from Thematic Research to understand the primary themes throughout the narratives connected with matchmaking and you will beautification. We and additionally used the pictures elicitation strategy to look at exactly what boot the members very own. The analysis translation from all of these several provide shows that ladies often look for dates once the social situations never leading to sex; that they don’t regard high heel shoes as a way out-of beautification; and they bring account regarding practical considerations when taking clothed upwards to have a romantic date. Also, ladies will have fun with beautification which have caution. I end that relationships involving the habit of use beautification and you may attractiveness of a potential romantic partner was away from simple; and you will relying on binary solutions so you’re able to hypothetical problems does not render convincing evidence.


Within report, Prokop and Svancarova (2020) declare that wearing high heel shoes works since a variety of intimate signaling of the people inside the intersexual relationships. They observed that in case ladies participants dreamed a communicating having a keen attractive men, its taste to have high heel shoes steeply improved. Although not, the study structure is dependant on users picturing that have a connections with one of two various other photographs (attractive/unappealing mele) and you will opting for one of two categories of footwear (because the found into the a photos (high heel shoes and you will lowest pumps). The investigation was designed to open alternative reasons, predicated on psychological, in place of physical tactics. I utilized qualitative solutions to explore how ladies take a look at dating occurrences, with attending to in particular into the layouts for the experience regarding beautification. All of our intent would be to mention this new narratives regarding similar women (Letter = 21 decades, SD = 4.67 regarding fresh analysis) one relate solely to relationship and you can beautification. The point would be to obtain higher understanding outside the easy pressed alternatives reaction utilized in the original investigation.

Has on high heels a lady mating method? Revisiting the first research playing with qualitative tips

This new theoretical first step toward the original report (Prokop and you may Svancarova, 2020) lies in brand new premises you to “human lady spend money on offspring more people” (supported by recommendations to help you Eibl-Eibesfeldt, 1989; Hewlett, 1992; Geary, 2000) and you may “individual boys, on top of that, spend more day caring for their young children than males out of nearly various other animals” (Bjorklund and you will Shackelford, 1999; Throws, christianmingle 2010). According to these supplies, adult funding constitutes a foundation getting girls battle more than a potential sexual spouse. A good way for ladies to take action centered on Prokop and Svancarova (2020) are beautification, because exemplified by putting on high heel pumps. The new parental capital theory (Trivers, 1972) possess but not, started repeatedly slammed because of the psychologists towards the multiple foundation. Buss (1994) claims that folks inform you a remarkable measure of advancement whether or not it concerns the breeding measures. One of these is the make of an individual much time-title relationships with numerous concurring extra-relationship facts. His investigation connected with 10,047 participants out of 37 societies (Buss, 1989, 1994) provides proof that women prefer the potential romantic partner according to the prospective access of males so you’re able to information and their willingness to express this type of resources, in addition to their capacity to actually manage your family and you will issues eg compatibility of its expectations and opinions. First off, brand new experts show that sexual tips during the human beings are cutting-edge and you can multi-faceted.

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